Enock Kalema better known by his stage/set name Deejay EK is a surprising Ugandan Disc Jockey/Turntablist. Born and raised in Kampala Uganda, Deejay EK started his so far successful Deejaying career as an inspiration from some of Ugandan Deejaying industry topΒ  dogs/Legends such as who later became his mentor Deejay Kuuz.

He started by him self as a freelancer but later joined Kuuzmagic Deejays where he learnt and perfected everything a full combat Deejay is supposed to be. Deejay EK plays all music genres in any atmosphere and to any race. Clubs, TV stations, radio stations, events and individuals all have experienced the epic performance of this not only a DJ but also a music sensation.

Deejay EK not only does deejaying but also when it comes to sound engineering he makes sure that your ears not just feels noise, Now working under his self owned Incorporated events company dubbed KLM Deejays where he as well shares his tactics to anyone interested through KLM Deejays Academy.